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We have a strong established global presence and a robust network of business partners and marketing offices strategically located across the world.


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  • Myanmar
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  • Philippines
  • Cambodia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Russia
  • Dubai
  • UAE
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • Egypt
  • Nigeria
  • Algeria
  • Caribbean
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Paraguay
  • Chile
  • Venezuela


Hetero started its humble beginnings in 1993 as an API player in the Indian Pharmaceutical market. Over the past two decades, the company evolved itself as one of the largest producers of APIs globally and a leader in ARV APIs and FDFs. Today, Hetero is among the leading and largest privately held pharmaceutical company in India.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, the company operates the Global Active Pharmaceutical business and Generic Formulations businesses with the support of 36+ manufacturing facilities, producing a wide range of APIs and FDFs across various therapeutic areas. It is recognised as a trusted partner of choice for various Indian and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Besides the API business, we established Hetero Healthcare in the country which is engaged in the marketing and distribution of branded generic medicines. We have a strong presence in India with 11 specialised marketing divisions and has been a market leader in ARV, oncology, anti-flu and antibacterials. With the team of 3,200+ field force, Hetero Healthcare caters to medical practitioners in over 400 territories across India.

North America

Hetero USA Inc, a group company of Hetero is the sales and marketing arm of Hetero’s Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Custom Pharmaceutical Services (CPS) business in USA. With 300+ filed USDMF’s, Hetero USA offers a wide range of products across therapeutic categories such as antiretrovirals, antineoplastics, antiulcerants, cardiovascular drugs, antidepressants, antidiabetics etc. Being part of one of the largest API manufacturers in the world, with its significant fungible manufacturing capabilities, expertise in R&D, efficient and effective use of resources, Hetero USA Inc can offer cost effective products. The products are suitable for large & small volume generic requirements, IP advantaged FTO API’s, 505 (b)2 filings, custom made for clinical trials, intermediates, contract manufacturing of FDF etc.

Camber Pharmaceuticals Inc, a 100% subsidiary of Hetero is one of the fastest growing companies engaged in the marketing of prescription and OTC medicines across various therapies. The company is recognised for its strong supply chain, exceptional customer service and a dedicated team of seasoned sales professionals with deep experience in the generic industry. We have two dedicated formulation manufacturing facilities approved by USFDA, catering to US generic markets and institutional business (Government Tenders).


Established in 2010, Hetero Europe is the European subsidiary of Hetero, which follows a ‘B2B’ business model, out-licensing dossiers for Europe.

  • Robust portfolio of 75+ products across various therapeutic categories
  • ‘First-time’ generics launches in Europe, enabled by co-ordinated efforts of its strong IP, R&D, manufacturing and supply chain functions
  • Launched first ‘Value-Added Medicine’ in oncology therapeutic category in 2020
  • Recognised as a ‘Trusted Partner of Choice’ for business partners and customers across the EU region for its long-term business relationships

Hetero established its marketing and distribution arm ‘Amarox Pharma’ to cater to healthcare professionals and patients in Europe. It follows a ‘B2C’ business model focusing on the retail, hospital, and government tenders. The company has been making its front-end presence in UK, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. The company is building a robust product portfolio and a strong commercial infrastructure with well-experienced personnel to drive the consumer business in the EU region. Amarox acquired Tarbis in 2018 to drive its business operations in Spain.

Africa and Hetero Global Access

With a strong portfolio of 30 ARV combinations, catering to 40% existing global HIV/AIDS treatment, Hetero’s business vertical ‘Global Access’ has been working with global procurement agencies and multinational pharmaceutical companies to increase access to life-saving medicines globally. Over the two decades, Hetero’s Global Access has been instrumental in establishing the organization’s leadership in ARVs and Antiviral therapies through various global licensing agreements.

Hetero has a strong front-end presence in key African markets such as South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria and Egypt. Besides, it also operates through its distributors in 24 African countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zazibona and Ivory Coast and has been expanding in DRC, Ghana, Mauritius and South Sudan etc.

Hetero has also been marketing other key therapies such cardiovascular, CNS, oncology, hepatology, Gastrointestinal etc. to doctors and patients through established distribution networks and specialized sales force. The company has an employee strength of more than 100+ people catering to the requirements of over 20,000 customers.

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets region for Hetero comprises of markets such as South-east Asia, Middle East, CIS Countries, Central America, South America and Caribbean Region. Over the years, Hetero has established itself as a strong API pharmaceutical company in these markets, catering to leading pharmaceutical companies with high-quality APIs.

With diverse range of generics across therapies in its product portfolio, Hetero has been realising its organisational goal of bringing high-quality medicines within affordable reach of patients through branded generics. In line with its mission, Hetero has been strengthening its front-end presence across all emerging markets by establishing strong distribution networks and specialised sales force and by actively reaching out to doctors and patients in these markets. The company has been focussing on enabling access to key therapies such as oncology, cardiology, CNS, ARVs and hepatology etc.

Hetero has set up formulation manufacturing facilities in Indonesia, Mexico, and has joint ventures in Egypt, China and Saudi Arabia to ensure rapid access to drugs at a quickest possible time. It is among the world’s few companies to have established presence in Latin American countries.

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