At the forefront of healthcare with a focus
on uncovering life-changing solutions

At the forefront of healthcare with a focus
on uncovering life-changing solutions

Our research and development capabilities have kept us in the forefront of new product development. We focus on being the first-to-market and fast-to-market, benefiting our patients, partners and associates.

Hetero Research Foundation

Hetero Research Foundation is an integrated and exclusive facility dedicated to support our API research endeavours. Our scientists are committed to breaking new ground across diverse specialisations, including APIs, formulations, custom synthesis, contract research, analytical, packaging, IP, technology transfer and quality assurance. Besides the Foundation, we have two world-class R&D facilities dedicated to advance our Formulations and Biologics research.

How far we have come

Our R&D division is led by 1,000+ top notch scientists with proven capabilities in developing niche generics, complex APIs, Novel Drug Delivery systems (NDDS), New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and Biosimilar products.

Key progress numbers


World-class R&D centres dedicated for development of APIs, FDFs and Biosimilars


since 1995



patents filed


patents granted



patents filed


patents granted


Investing in research means securing a healthy future for the world.
R&D at Hetero is taking new strides with:

Innovative, safe, environment-friendly and cost-effective technology and processes

Continuous investments for faster development of affordable APIs, Formulations and Biosimilars

Emphasis on being first-to-market and fast-to-market and development of complex and specialty therapeutics

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